What does LCHF mean? LCHF stands for Low Carb, High Fat. Sounds weird but it works! For me…

It is a “swedish” name and it is very similar to the Atkins diet, but there are a few differences. I don´t know them so well, but for me is the most important thing with LCHF that I don´t have to calculate something or to think too much about food, and best of all, I can eat things I like. OK, some things I like I can´t eat, but they aren´t hard to forget but I never are hungry. I haven´t eat sugar since valentinesday and I don´t miss it much. Oh yes, sometimes of course but not as much as I expected!.

Carbs aren´t “natural” food for humans. Yes, you can eat it, and many of us feels very good on it. But it raises your bloodsugar very much and after about 2 hours your bloodsugar is low again and you are hungry and eats something and bloodsugar up, down, hungry etc etc. High bloodsugar lets the body make more insulin, and insulin is the hormone thats makes fat is stored in your body…  better to keep your bloodsugar “flat” so there isn´t too much insulin in your body. By eating LCHF you  exchange carbs by fat. In that way you have a satisfied feeling longer, and you eat lesser. Because fats in the body don´t raise the bloodsugar there willn´t be that much insulin either.

There are a lot of books about this, they can explain it better than I do.

What do I eat then? Lots of eggs, meat, butter (no margarine or chemical fat) a little vegetables, cheese, fish and shellfish. I like my food, just because it tastes good and too because I´m satisfied LONG time!

Breakfast is often for me “egg milk-latte” I take two eggs, 50 gr of butter, 2 dl cooking water and 2 tablets of stevia. I mix the eggs and the butter and the stevia, add hot water. then I keep that whole thing in the microwave for about 1.5 minute. the egg is setting a little, and seems horribly to drink. but then I mix it again, with a cup of coffee and I got a wonderfull creamy latty feeling. I need the stevia because I never was a coffedrinker… It is too bitter to me. Almost I try to avoid sugar and sweeteners. I´m satisfied with this until about 12 am! In the weekend I can cook eggs, or bake or make an omelette or whatever. Yummy!

Lunch can be different things. what about an thin omelette, filled with cream cheese, ham, a bit iceberg lettuce and maybe home made mayonnaise. Rolled up is it perfect for a take away lunch! Tunafish with mayo and olives, yummy!. Or shirmps with mayo, dille, egg. If I have I can have leftovers from the day before.

Dinner is often a bit of meat, with different butters. garlicbutter, tomatobutter or whatever. Or I make something of grounded meat, taco from the oven is excellent. No tacoshells of course but the grounded meat seasoned with taco, a layer of creamcheese under and above a few vegetables with a layer of cheese.

And I don´t need more food.. no cravings or sweets or hungry feelings between the meals!

Next post about the butters! Meal from april 9th. Baked salmon with baked cauliflower and a cream fraiche sauce with herbs.

Eat Well!


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Hello all!

I decided to write in english, but I know my english is boring. But, I have two languages to serve, and I´m to lazy to make two different parts everytime. It is also a good trainig for my english so if I make to idiotic or funny mistakes, let me know!

Maybe I later will make two language posts, training translating isn´t to dumb too.

The languaes I mean are Dutch, because I live in the Netherlands. I´m born and raised here. But… I have a swedish mom, and from baby on I learned swedish too. I still have family and lots of friends in sweden. Many friends made by forums (ordspel, föräldranätet, lchf forum etc etc), but they are friends too! Same with a lot of dutch people; I met a lot by forums. (verenigingsancho, raverly, and more).

I try to loose weight, began in about nov 2010 serously with it. Lost about 2 kg until february and then I found LCHF on a swedish site. I sounded for me as the perfect way to ME. Registered me at the LCHF-forum and learned a lot. Valentinesday 2011 it began!
Since I have lost about 8 kg and slowly it goes better and better.

In this blog I will tell what I ate, not everyday, I´m lazy remember! But sometimes I take a photo of my plate or whatever.

Feel free to comment, in dutch, swedish or english. Rest of the languages aren´t my specialities.


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